Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The owner of this group (NP), has sinced moved to SF and is attempting to find a new group of players to play with and start keeping scores, etc. So far, attempts have been somewhat misguided and unproductive.

When something starts up, I will begin posting again with updates, scores, etc.

Thanks :) NP

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old game update

So this was from a couple of weeks ago. Terri, Kazue, and I played at Terri's house on a Thursday night I think if my memory serves me correctly. We played until pretty late too... like nearly midnight.

Terri - -34, -7, -14, -17 ...... -72
Neil - +6, -31, +39, +29 ...... +43
Kazue - +28, +38, -25, -12 ...... +29

Was a long night for Terri, but that's the beauty of the game... you can always just play another game and maybe your luck will change.

Then again, it might not.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tsuiisou Returns

So the very first time I sat down and played for money at Genkotsu Ramen shop (best Ramen in Japan, I highly suggest it, Tamano City, Okayama-ken) I won a huge hang with Tsuiisou. Since then I have never gotten another, until Saturday night. I was not oya though, nor were we playing for points, but nonetheless, it was chilling n' thrilling.

We had newcomers on Febuary 28th's classic Saturday evening dinner game in Sarah (book club buddy), and Katie (her friend), as well as the usual suspects in Kim and Terri. Playing at Terri's place eating home-made mac and cheese and drinking toasty oaky wine (that was coincidentally terrible, but luckily the third bottle of the night).

The first round was merely playing hands and coaching Sarah, the noob. The second round Katie took up crayons to place on paper our concentrating faces, and Sarah sat next to me to play our hands together. That being said, the final scores for the night:
Neil +31
Terri +1
Kim -32

The biggest hand of the night was probably a chiitoi honitsu hand completed on haitei tsumo with dora galore for baiman as oya. Otherwise no hands really that warranted writing down (and my computer was not out for the occasion anyways). I need to figure out how to create a website to tabulate the scores and put down the rule set Genkotsu Yakiushi plays by. Another day. Ja ne.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 recorded nights.... the beginning...

Terri, Neil, Melanie
Mel = Oya, first hand neil reaches on chi-toi, mel throws out 5 circles, soku! Riichi, soku, pinfu, 5 red circle dora, flower times two since it's the open dora, and the big question was no 1s, 9s, winds or dragons, does Neil get tanyao? I was pretty sure that tanyao happens with or without tsumo, only pinfu is a non-tsumo only additional point. Need to ask hirohurl about this one.
-37 Mel
-20 Terri
57 Neil

1st hand of second game:
Neil reaches, Terri reaches looking for the 8 of bamboo to complete itsuukan, but Neil has a 3 of a kind with the 8 of bamboo. Neil gets the fourth 8 of bamboo, completes a kan (since it doesn't change his wait), but Chankan! Terri robs it, is Oya, and Neil pays 18,000 plus loses his 1,000 riichi bet. Neil never recovers and Terri continues the rampage to finish in the black.
Mel -36
Neil -1
Terri + 37

15han hand, Terri kans chun after reaching, this causes 1 circle to flip as dora indicator, under turns out to be hatsu, therefore turning all 4 chuns into doras. Terri wins off of tsumo from ankan replacement tile, and she holds all 3 8 circles neil needs to win (1 left which Mel has), and I had 2 2 circles, thus Terri is waiting for 1 potential 2 and gets it off the ankan. Therefore that one ankan gives her kaihou tsumo and 6 extra dora, for a whopping +7 more han. Her 8 han hand became 15, top hand. Despite this though, she is unable to finish the kill, letting Neil back in (giving away a 12,000 ron to Mel and then Neil taking a 7han hand win as oya collecting 9,000 from each).
Neil finishes the night reaching with a wait being the dora, 1 of wan. Mel throws it, and the under dora is a flower which Neil has two of.... 7 han hand (reach, dora x6), 18,000, Mel only has 9,000, and the game/evening is over.
-39 Mel
-7 Terri
46 Neil

-112 Mel
10 Terri
102 Neil

Mel, Kim, Neil
This time around we assemble at Neil's for dinner and game, welcoming back Kim into the mix. With some steady play and key consecutive wins, Kim was able to put both Neil + Mel on the ropes, but committed a dreaded chumbo as oya, paying 6,000 ten to each of us; She ponned the red dora 5 circles before she ponned her point, the white dragon. After that, Neil caught the torch, and cruised to a win depleting Mel of her bin with a quick toitoi hand as Oya.
-31 Mel
-4 Kim
+35 Neil

Kim, Andy, Neil, Mel, Terri
The biggest crowd yet, again at Neil's house. Dinner consisted this time around of a stir-fry which was deemed quite tasty, to my relief. Because we only have one set though, Andy played a bit with Neil's hand, and Kim's with Mel's. A lot of teaching and one game later, it stood at:
-4 Terri
-14 Neil
+28 Mel

Monday, April 23, 2007

Appeasing the addiction

In order to appease my addiction, I have attempted to simulate a friend of mine's idea/event, and create a weekly group between friends, drinking buddies, and majong addicts here in my new city of Columbus, OH.

I became addicted to the game while living in Japan for two years on the JET Program. It so happened that the staff of a delicious ramen shop right behind my apartment also played mahjong, so I joined in. The name of the ramen shop was Genkotsu Ramen.

Now that I live in Columbus, I figured it would only be appropriate to create a name indicative of my past as well as the current situation. With the nickname of Columbus being "Cow-town," and a yakitori being that dreaded asterix next to a large negative number, I deemed it appropriate to name the new mahjong group "Genkotsu Yakiushi Mahjong" or literally "A strong fist and grilled cow mahjong."